How the BrewHop Trolley Longmont Loop Works

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BrewHop Trolley offers a fun + unique experience on the Front Range of Colorado

Have you been wanting to experience our Longmont Loop, but unsure of how it all works?  Love craft beverages but not sure which place to go to in Longmont?  Looking for something new and exciting to do on the weekend with friends or the whole fam?  Don’t fret, this post is for you.  We want to make sure you’re up on the low-down of how to Get Your Hops On with us at BrewHop Trolley and all the insider tricks!

brewhop trolley in longmont colorado

What exactly does BrewHop Trolley do?

BrewHop Trolley is guided tour to Longmont’s breweries, cidery, and distilleries that allows you to Hop-on + Hop-off at any of our 14 venues!  It’s a continuous loop that stops at each venue once an hour on Saturdays.  It’s a super fun and safe way to spend the day with friends + family, exploring the local scene on one of our vintage trolleys.  Not to mention, there are exclusive specials at our stops for our hoppers!  The following locations are our stops:

Where do I go to Hop On, and how much does it cost?

We go to each of our stops once an hour, and continuously loop from 12pm – 8pm on Saturdays.  We recommend you choose a spot and show up about 30 minutes before the trolley arrives so you can try a craft beverage. Then, hop on with us as we take you to any of the other stops on our loop.  We always provide information on our trolleys about the drink and event specials happening at these stops so you can better choose which ones you’ll visit next. Once you’re checked in you will receive a wristband from our driver and you’re all set to start hopping from place to place. You choose where to go and how long you’ll stay, we’ll loop back every hour.

All day passes are $30 and allow unlimited hop on + off rides. You can pre-pay online here or pay on board with cash or credit if it’s a game-time decision. Lap kids ride free and “kids” under 21 are only $5.

You can plan out your day in advance, or decide as we ride!  See our schedule to better plan your day.

How do I know what specials are happening?

Most of our stops offer specials to our hoppers, just for riding with us!  When you receive your wristband for your day pass on the Longmont Loop, those stops know to offer you BrewHop’s unique specials.  Check out our blog page for the day’s specials, or ask us when you’re on board.  Our drivers are here to help you have a blast, so don’t hesitate to ask their opinion on what you should check out.


Who can ride on the trolley?

We are a fun experience for the whole family, your dogs included!  Bring the kids, helping hands to ring the bell are always welcome.  All of our venues are kid friendly, and most have games and activities for them as well.  Ask your driver which ones best suit your little ones.  Kids riding on your lap are free, and “kids” under 21 that need a seat are just $5.  We also welcome your leashed and well-behaved fur babies on board. We love cute BrewPups!

Can I Hop On + Hop Off the trolley all day long?

Yes, a Longmont Loop day pass lets you hop around all day long!  While it may not be possible to visit each stop in a single day, you are welcome to go to as many as you’d like.

Can I drink while on the trolley?

We cannot allow drinking while riding on the trolley, but that’s what all our cool stops are for!  We do provide a cooler with bottled water, and you are also welcome to store your unopened growlers and sealed bottles on board.  We allow drinking on private charters only.  (We don’t make the rules, we just have to enforce them!)

Should we tip our drivers?

Tipping definitely isn’t required, but if you’ve had a great time and want to share the love, please feel free!  And no, our drivers can not share a drink with you on the loop but you can leave us a liquid tip as well. We’ll make sure it finds a home! There is no pressure whatsoever, we just want to make sure you have a blast!


Where can I grab some grub while on board?

Most of our stops offer delicious food for you, whether it’s a restaurant, snacks, or rotating food trucks.  Check out our blog post for daily specials at all our stops!  (We usually post the specials happening the morning before the day begins, so check back in if you don’t see what you’re looking for!)


What if I purchased a pass, but can’t make it?

We understand that things come up, and even though it’s a bummer not everything goes as planned.  If you have purchased a pass and can’t make it, let us know!  We do not offer refunds, but we will absolutely provide you with a raincheck so you can still hop on another day.



What’s up with these private charters you’ve mentioned?

Additional to our Longmont Loop we do on Saturdays, we also offer private charters.  Whether it’s a party on wheels, wedding transportation, bachelor/bachelorette celebration, company outing, or just wanting to do something special for girl’s night we’ve got you covered!  We run private charters every day of the week through the Front Range from Denver to Fort Collins and beyond.  You pick your route and what you’d like to do, and we take you to where you need to go.  Contact us here to find out more info.


What about getting home?

Good question! While we cannot offer you rides back to your place, we have some suggestions for you.  If you don’t have a designated driver hopping with you, we suggest you leave your car at your initial pick-up spot, and call an Uber or Lyft to take you home.  If that doesn’t work, you could always call grandma for a ride, we won’t be keeping you out too late!


What if I have more questions?

We would love to hear from you!  Email us at or call/text 720-209-8505. You can also shoot us a quick message on our Facebook page.


I’m ready to Hop On, what next?

Longmont Loop passes are available here. Just choose your date to hop on and buy your passes.  All day passes are available for $30 on Saturdays (running from 12pm – 8pm).



You might catch our mascot, Stella, on board!


Pro Tips:

During checkout when buying your BrewHop Pass, make sure you join our mailing list so you can keep up with our upcoming calendar of events like Ft. Collins brewery tours, Comedy tours, Christmas Light tours and so much more! There’s something for everyone.


We look forward to having you Get Your Hops On with us!


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