How to Support Locally During the Pandemic

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We are all feeling how uncertain things are right now. Not only are we scared for our health, but we are hitting a very uneasy time economically. The small local businesses are the ones that suffer the most from these hard hits to the economy, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways we can all help. We’ve decided to come up with some ideas of how we can all do our part to keep the local businesses in our community going during this hard time. It doesn’t always have to cost us either, check out our ideas below!


Food and Drinks To Go

Order from your favorite hot spot to show them you care. The cool new perk to this crazy time is that you can also order alcoholic beverages to go, so you can grab a meal from your favorite restaurant and pick up some brews from your favorite drinking spot! Also, don’t forget to tip the employees, they need our support right now!


Gift Certificates

If you have the means, pick your favorite businesses to buy a gift certificate from! You can support them now when they really need it, and enjoy it later. This is especially helpful for those businesses that cannot be working or open right now.

Order Online

Many local retail businesses have opened their own e-commerce sites so you can get amazing goods even when their doors can’t be open. There are also many stores offering curbside pick up, so check and see what your local spots are doing! Don’t forget, this Sunday is Mother’s Day, and you still have time to purchase the perfect gift from your mom’s favorite store.

Buy Merch

Many of our favorite hot spots have some pretty incredible merchandise you can buy on their websites. Not only do you get to support them with something you’ll use over and over again, but you’ll also be a walking advertisement. Get online and grab your shirt, hat, sticker, koozie, pint glass, and other swag!


Like, Comment, Share!

Not all support has to cost you. We know everyone is finding their own way through this struggle right now, but there’s an easy way to still show these companies you care! Make sure you follow them on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, and whenever possible like and comment on their posts, and share so you can help increase their visibility. This could help get them more followers and might bring them more sales in return!

Write Reviews

After you’ve enjoyed services from a local business, why not go online and tell everyone about it? This will not only help potential customers see why they are so awesome, but it will also help the company get more business. Not to mention, help tourists find the must-see businesses when they come to visit! Great sites to leave reviews on are Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor, and Yelp.



How to Support BrewHop Trolley:

We appreciate all of the community members who have helped us during this time. Even though we can’t run the weekend Longmont Loop right now, we are trying our best to be creative and stay productive during this time. If you’d like to show us some love, there are a few things you can do:

Sign Our Petition

There’s not a lot that we as a business can do right now with establishments being closed. That being said, we thought maybe we could make home deliveries from Longmont’s breweries, cidery, and distilleries. That’s when we hit a roadblock, and realized that these establishments are not allowed to have third party deliveries made, like BrewHop Trolley. Help us make a change so we can continue to bring local libations to our community, learn more and sign our petition here!  (Please no donations, just signing is all we need!)

Our Gift Certificates

You can purchase gift certificates for BrewHop Trolley here. Support us now, and hop on later!

Tell Your Friends

Know someone that is planning a wedding or party in Colorado? Be sure to mention to them that we offer fun and unique transportation throughout the Front Range, and they can contact us at

Follow Us!

If you don’t already, feel free to follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you can keep up to date with what we’re doing!


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However you choose to support the small businesses in your community, just know that they appreciate it greatly. Every order, purchase, share, and review makes the world of difference right now for all of them. Let’s keep it up and work together to make it through this crazy time!

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